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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: King Mikey Edition

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Sit down and listen to your daddy, Kenny.
Sit down and listen to your daddy, Kenny.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 The importance of Mike Reinfeldt's new contract extension shouldn't be underestimated: this is his franchise now. Bud still writes the checks, but there's no person with more ability to affect the team's future direction than the Titans' GM. There have been tons of subtle signs over the past two years that Reinfeldt had gained a lot of the power that had been stripped from Fisher, and now Mikey is publicly sitting on the Titans throne. If last year's draft is any indication of the kind of players Mikey wants to lead this team forward, then I sincerely believe that we're in good hands.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Kenny Britt's dad says what we all know to be true: Kenny Britt's friends are holding him back. Now, lets hope he can get through to the good-natured, but sometimes brain-dead wide receiver.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Jeff Fisher told Peter King he's going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro along with a few other folks in an effort to raise awareness about wounded soldiers from the wars Iraq and Afghanistan. MCM cannot confirm that Fisher assured PK that climbing the tallest mountain in Africa has to be easier than keeping Kenny Britt from doing dumb sh*t.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Ryan Mallett is reportedly in town to visit with the Titans for the next two days. I'm still contending that Mallett is far and away the best passer in this class, but the next two days will be about everything but his trowing ability.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 John Glennon says that if the Titans decide to trade back from the 8th spot, they could have a tough time getting a fair price thanks to the CBA issues that make the ramifications of trading future picks dicey.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Joe Biddle is always one step ahead of the pack, and this time he's connecting the dots between the Titans and some prospects named Nick Fairley.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Breaking news: the lockout will effect the Titans' draft plans.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Nolan Nawrocki predict that the Titans will take Nick Fairley, but figures that Fairley will have his hat cocked a little too far to the side, thereby disrespecting the entire draft process.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Don Banks delivers his 2011 Wes Welker Watch List.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Frank Deford is still awesome.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Get better soon, Steve Sabol. I'm not surprised for one second how wide-spread and sincere the outpouring of positive thoughts have been for Sabol since he fell out during a public appearance and was later diagnosed with a brain tumor. His work with NFL Films absolutely has more to do with the revered place the NFL holds in America's collective heart than the contributions of any one person. Sabol has been the game's greatest ambassador, biggest promoter and most sincere voice. For NFL fans like me who came of age in the late 80's and early 90's, Sabol was like a cool uncle with a trunk full of great stories. He personalized the game, presented it's competitors with heart and made sure that kids like me knew at least the high points of the history of the game. So please, be be hoping/praying for Steve to get well soon. 


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