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New SB Nation 2011 NFL Mock Draft

Brian Galliford of posted a two round 2011 NFL mock draft this morning that I can endorse.  He had the Tennessee Titans taking Nick Fairley in the first round and Andy Dalton in the second.  At first I was opposed to the Fairley pick, but the Titans will have the best possible information about Fairley with Tracy Rocker on staff, so if they pick him I am good with it. 

I am not 100% sold on Dalton, but he and Christian Ponder are the guys that I like best in that second tier of quarterbacks.  It would be good if they can stay at 39 and get Dalton because that means they didn't have to give anything up in later rounds or future years.

It is also interesting that in this mock Jake Locker went 10th to the Redskins, and there wasn't another quarterback taken until Dalton at 39.  I can't see that being the way it plays out on draft day with all of the teams that need a quarterback.

Galliford's thoughts on Fairley to the Titans:

Not even Albert Haynesworth comparisons make this a bad pick for the D-Line needy Titans.

Galliford's thoughts on Dalton to the Titans:

Tennessee's need at QB is desperate, and while Dalton's not overly talented, he's earning high marks for his intangibles.