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2011 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Tennessee Titans On the Clock

Earlier this week the ESPN crew broke down the needs for the Titans in this year's draft. Chris Mortensen started off by talking about how Mike Munchak almost lured Tom Moore out of retirement to be the offensive coordinator. Then Trent Dilfer talked, but I didn't listen to anything he said because he is Trent Dilfer.

Mel Kiper talked about the Titans needing help on the defensive line, at quarterback, and at linebacker. He, like everyone else recently, said he liked the scenario where Nick Fairley was the pick for the Titans at 8. He said that both of the top 10 quarterbacks will be gone, and that their isn't a LB worth that pick, all of which we already knew.

There has been some talk this week that the Titans would think about Jake Locker at #8. As I have said before, if he is your guy go ahead and do it. I am hoping that it is just a case of the Titans trying to float that out there so that someone like the Vikings or Jaguars would think they need to trade up to get him.