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Is Kenny Britt Dumb? Yes. Is He Pacman Jones? Not Even Close

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David Climer wrote a column today where he called Kenny Britt "Pacman Jones on training wheels." Kenny Britt has done a lot of really dumb stuff off the field. He has posted bail for a friend that did some really bad things, had some issues with child support paid, gotten into a fist fight (allegedly) at a bar, and now tried to run from the cops, but all of that stuff pales in comparison to the stuff that Pacman did.  Britt has yet to get anyone paralyzed or beat up any strippers (allegedly).  So while Britt leads the current Titan roster in off the field incidents, he isn't anywhere close to piling up a number of incidents that is going to get him a 1-year suspension from the NFL like Adam did.

I do have to give Climer credit for this gem:

Police said the two then tried to elude them but were apprehended. Authorities said Britt didn't run, which, come to think of it, showed good judgment. Based on his history, Britt would've pulled a hamstring if he'd tried to outrun police.