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2011 NFL Draft: John Gruden QB Camp Cam Newton

I just watched the Cam Newton session of QB camp with John Gruden, and it was pretty disappointing. It was more of a love session than a football session. They dissected his face after they won the National Championship, but Gruden didn't ask him about how hard he was willing to work, or didn't ask him to diagram a play or anything. That really seemed like a "QB camp" that I could have conducted.

Not that anything with Cam matters to the Titans anyway because at this point I would be shocked if the Carolina Panthers don't take him with the #1 pick. I guess his ceiling is so high that they are afraid of what could happen if they don't take him. The problem is his floor is so low that he can leave the franchise with nothing but Rusty Smith in 4 years. Oh wait....

The video of the session is after the jump.