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Titans By the Numbers: #12

Leapfrogging number eleven, land of Paul Williams and Patrick Ramsey, and jumping right in with a guy who's never really fit the bill here in Tennessee, but you know what? He's the best number twelve we've ever had. 

Career Achievements: Most passes caught in a single game, season, and career at University of Missouri. Most consecutive games with a pass reception (34): 2000-2002. 

Signed as a flyer off the scrap heap in 2007, Justin Gage has been an easy target for Titans fans all across the country because, well, we've gotta blame someone right? Despite some dropped passes and underwhelming stats for awhile, Gage really did put up some decent numbers in his first couple of years in Tennessee. He showed flashes of promise with the Bears early on and the FO liked his stuff, so they took a shot and in his first season, he rewarded them with 55 catches for 750 yards, both of which led the team sadly enough, and a pair of touchdowns. 

I know I was anticipating bigger and better things from this guy, but it never really happened. Gage has only played a full season twice in his career, once was his second season as a pro and the other was in 2007 when he put up his career bests in most offensive categories. 

I think we all remember the catch Gage made against the 49ers back in 2008. If you don't, I'll allow T-rac's Posse to refresh your memory. That's the thing about Gage; you never really know what you're going to get with him. Sometimes he'll make us all groan with the agony of watching him whiff on an easy catch, other times he'll make our jaws hit the floor with an amazing, acrobatic work of art that puts Randy Moss to shame. In any case, Gage is the best number twelve in Titans history. He's no superstar, but don't hate, appreciate, he's made some really memorable plays in his tenure as a Titan, here's to even more.