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2011 NFL Draft: John Gruden QB Camp Ryan Mallett

We knock ESPN for a lot of things, but this QB camp they do with John Gruden is really good. After the jump is the video of Gruden's work with Ryan Mallett. I will give Mallett this, he comes off really good in this video. He still doesn't address any of the rumors, but you really wouldn't expect him that he would in this setting. He talks about how hard is going to work, what else would you expect him to say, and he really knows what he is talking about when is drawing up a play on the board.

They talk a little bit about his lack of speed in the piece, and as people always do they referenced Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as guys that do OK without a lot of speed. I am just not sure that he has the in the pocked mobility that those guys do that allows them to be successful.

Click through the jump to watch the video.