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2011 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Thinks Ryan Mallett is a Good Fit in Tennessee

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Here is another interesting nugget from Mel Kiper's chat today involving the Titans. Someone asked Kiper if he thought a team would be getting a steal if Ryan Mallett fell out of the first round. Here was Kiper's response:

He's in the early to mid second round area. I think Tennessee is someone that might look at him. He's not hit or miss, but more boom or bust. He's got a strong arm. He's 6-6. He forces throws. Makes bad decisions. He doesn't deal with pressure up the guy. His mechanics become sloppy when he has to roll out. Tennessee has a really good OL. So with their OL, Chris Johnson running the ball and some good young WRs, that would be a good fit. You need a good OL for Mallet. His intangibles have to prove to not be an issue. I think he could be a guy that proves to have value in the second round.

I really don't want Mallett, in any round, but if he were going to succeed in the NFL, Tennessee would be about the best place for him.