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2011 NFL Draft: Mel Kiper Says Julio Jones Will Be Gone By No. 8

Yesterday in the Twitter MCM Mock draft between August and me, I picked Julio Jones for the Titans with the 8th pick.  At the time I made the pick I really didn't think there was any shot the Titans would actually do it, of course that was before Kenny Britt proved how stupid he is again, but I didn't want to go with the boring Nick Fairley pick.  The pick looks a little more likely now, but Paul Kuharsky tweeted earlier today that the arrest won't change the Titans draft philosophy.

On a somewhat related note, Mel Kiper dropped this nugget today in his chat when asked if the Titans could consider Julio at 8 with the arrest of Britt:

We have to see how that all shakes down. They have some WRs other than Kenny Britt. He's their main guy and they like him. I'd have to wait and see. First of all, Julio Jones will be gone by No. 8 and their front 7 needs help on defense.

*Emphasis mine

I have looked at 1.2 million mock drafts and not one of them has Julio off the board in the top 7. If the Titans aren't thinking receiver at #8, it would be a really good thing for them if Julio and A.J. Green both go in the top 7.