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2011 NFL Mock Draft Titans Take Nick Fairley and Ryan Mallett

Rob Rang of CBS Sports and has put out a new two round mock draft, and he, like Todd McShay and Mel Kiper last week, has the Titans taking Nick Fairley in the first round and Ryan Mallett in the second.  I would be terrified if that is how this thing plays out.  The ceiling is huge in that scenario.  There is a chance that Fairley is the best player in this draft and a small chance that Mallett is the best quarterback in this draft, but there is also the chance that they both end up being huge busts.

Analysis from Rang after the jump.

Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn: The Titans have other needs, but could have a hard time passing up Fairley, arguably the draft's most talented player, should he be available here. Tennessee hired Tracy Rocker to be their defensive line coach in February. Rocker was Fairley's defensive line coach at Auburn the past two seasons. If his former position coach doesn't feel strongly enough to bang the table to get the 2010 Lombardi Trophy winner inside the building, Fairley could be in for a significant slide.
Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas : Mallett isn't as much of a gamble in the second round and possesses the big arm necessary to take advantage of defenses crowding the box to stop Chris Johnson.