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Tennessee Titans Daily Links: Gimme Some Moore Edition

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Tennessee_titans_30x21 The ESPN talking heads have a new draft video up about the Titans, but the biggest news in it has nothing to do with the draft: long-time Colts OC Tom Moore was a hair away from taking the OC spot that Chris Palmer ended up with. Mort expounded upon his statements this morning on 104.5 The Zone, saying that Moore was going to take the job, but eventually decided that at his age (72), he just didn't have the energy and stamina to give Munch 100%. I completely respect Moore for being honest enough to admit that, but I think we can all agree that there's a very good shot that 70% of Tom Moore is better than two Chris Palmers. Literally the only hesitation I'd have about Moore is that in all of those years at Indy, they never developed a single back-up who could start elsewhere in the league (like we saw happen over and over again in Green Bay behind Favre, for example).  
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Stafon Johnson's rehabilitation is continuing very well, despite the fact that this poor guy can not catch a break: after nearly losing his life in  a weight-room incident at USC, Johnson caught on with the Titans as an undrafted free agent. He impressed coaches and fans during camp last year, only to wreck his ankle in the first preseason game after a stirring performance. Since then he's worked since that time to rehab his ankle as well as possible, but the progress as been tougher since he can't rehab at the Titans' facility with the team doctors thanks to the ongoing lockout. Despite all of those setbacks, Johnson's attitude has remained upbeat and he sounds excited to be able to prove himself once players are allowed to return to Baptist Sports Park.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Nick Fairley continues to draw comparisons to former-Titan Albert Haynesworth that touch both sides of the spectrum. Fairley's physical dominance and outstanding production are taking hits thanks to questions about what may be the most important attribute for a defensive lineman: motor. If a guy isn't going to play hard on every snap, then you better me a one man wrecking crew like Big Albert was his final two and a half years in Nashville.

Tennessee_titans_30x21 Here's another piece on Chris Hope's charity fundraiser, slated to take place on May 14h.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 This AP story covers the Titans' coaching staff's struggle to prepare for the season in the midsts of a lockout.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Last friday TSU hosted a charity basketball game organized by alumnus Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie that featured the likes of Terrell Owens, Cam Newton, Jared Cook and Anquan Boldin.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Mario Branch, a mammoth offensive line prospect who was in training camp with the Titans in 2003 and 2004, died at 31 of congestive heart failure. His funeral was this past Saturday, and our sincere condolences go out to his entire family.
Tennessee_titans_30x21 Here's today's MMQB, featuring this note on our guys (which I can understand since the MCM brain trust had a near-meltdown making the 2nd round pick in the SB nation draft, as you'll see soon):


4. The Titans are torn between overpicking a quarterback at eight and being scared one of the quarterbacks they like won't be there when they pick again, at 39.

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