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Source: Tennessee Titans Very Interested in Colin Kaepernick

Preface: There is now less than three weeks until the draft so you need to take everything you hear and read with a grain of salt.  Teams are going to do and say a lot of things to try and throw other teams off of what they are really thinking.  It is nearly impossible to know what you hear is true and what is completely made up.  Draw your own conclusions at your own risk.

With all of that being said, PFT has a post this morning with a "league source" telling them the Titans are very interested in Colin Kaepernick with the 39th pick in the draft, and this "source" wouldn't be surprised if Kaepernick goes at the end of the first round:

According to a league source, the Colts are one of three AFC South teams showing significant interest in Kaepernick....

The Titans have shown the most interest, however. They put Kaepernick through a private workout on March 29, and the Titans hosted him for a team-facility visit on April 4.

The league source believes Tennessee is giving Kaepernick serious consideration with the 39th overall pick in the draft.

"I’m hearing that the Titans at 39 could be the pick [for Kaepernick]," the source told PFT. "Unless a team grabs him prior to that.  And the possibility of a team trading into the second half of the first round for Kaepernick is very real.

The source also says that he expects Kaepernick to go before Arkansas QB Ryan Mallett.


I am not sure where all of the Kaepernick love has come from, but it always scares me when a guy moves up this quickly during the pre-draft season. The article says that Doug Farrar of Yahoo! and Football Outsiders likens Kaepernick's "measurables and intangibles" to that of Josh Freeman. If that is really the case then he would be a steal at 39.

Take fro this what you will.