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Gerald McRath Trying to Add Ten Pounds

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It is no secret that Gerald McRath was one of the biggest disappointments in a 2010 Titans season full of disappointments. McRath was supposed to be the guy that allowed the Titans to let Keith Bulluck walk away (I know there was more to it than that, but they counted on him stepping in and taking Bulluck's spot). Instead he started the season off on a 4 game suspension for a banned substance and didn't play well at all once he came back.

Jim Wyatt caught up with McRath the other day, who is one of the players taking part in the voluntary workouts at Father Ryan High School, and McRath told Wyatt he is hoping to add 10 pounds before next season starts:

"I just think it will protect my body in the long run,'' he said after an informal workout at Father Ryan this week. "I think the lighter you weigh at the position I play, those hits are going to keep on coming and take a toll on your body. It's a long season and you want to stay away from injuries. Hopefully it helps."

It would be really nice for the Titans if McRath could rebound from that terrible 2010 effort and be a solid player because there isn't a lot of help at LB in this 2011 NFL Draft.