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When Does Character Count?

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Matt Bowen of National Football Post wrote an interesting article this morning about character concerns when it comes to quarterbacks in this draft.  Bowen makes the point that talent usually wins out on draft day even when there are red flags surrounding the player, see Jones, Adam, but you have to be even more careful when you are talking about quarterback:

You want to draft a QB in the top five, top ten or in late first round? That’s fine, but realize you are telling your team, your veterans and your fan base that this guy (the one with red flags) is the leader of your ball club. And that includes the big paycheck.

I have had plenty to say about how I feel about both Newton and Mallett, but this article all the more solidifies my opinion. You simply can't have a quarterback who is supposed to be the leader of your team with these types of issues, see Young, Vince.

To me the issues with these two guys are even more magnified with the questions about whether or not they can actually cut it on the field in the NFL.  Both guys have plenty of talent to play the position but plenty of concerns as well.  That is the road the Titans just got off, and I can't see them wanting to get back on it.