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Mel Kiper's Mock Draft 3.0: Saving The Titans From Themselves

Mel Kiper has a new mock draft (behind the paywall) that reflects the dream scenario Jimmy and I discussed during the most recent edition of MCM Radio: Cam Newton and Blain Gabbert are gone by the time our pick comes up. So who does the official hair model of the draft has us taking at 8? A guy some are calling the best DE talent in the draft, and the first DE off his board:

8: Tennessee Titans
Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson

A tremendous natural pass-rusher, Bowers falls a little because of needs elsewhere before this pick and because of some very small but lingering questions about his knee. He was unable to workout in Indy as a precaution with his recovery. Tennessee targeted their pass rush in the first round last year, but Bowers simply represents too much value at this position, and with the pass rush still in need of an upgradre, he provides immediate help as well.

Analysis after the jump...

It's worth noting that Julio Jones, Prince Amukamara and Robert Quinn are still on the board when we pick in this draft. The picks in front of us go, in order, Gabbert, Fairley, Dareus, Newton, Miller, Green and Peterson. If that's how this shakes out, then I'd really be a bigger fan of drafting Julio Jones than Bowers. Bowers is a terrific player by all accounts, but we have experienced DE options that we can retain at a reasonable price. We really don't have much really great talent at WR behind Britt, and Jones brings a level of skill and toughness that I'd think Thorchak would love at a position full of prima donnas.