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Ryan Mallett "Absolutely Sensational" in His Pro Day Workout

Bucky Brooks of says that Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett was "absolutely sensational" throwing the ball at his pro day workout today:

The junior was absolutely sensational during the workout, and his natural talent is unrivaled in this year’s draft. As a strong-armed thrower with excellent arm strength, Mallett easily makes all of the requisite throws in the pro game. He had little trouble putting the ball on the proper shoulder with velocity and zip. His arm strength, touch and accuracy also stood out on deep throws.

Brooks goes on to say that Mallett didn't show much athleticism in any other drills.  Again, I don't think you will find anyone who questions whether or not Mallett can make all of the throws.  The knocks on him are that he can't move in the pocket at all, and the off the field issues. 

Brooks says the throwing display might have put Mallett back in the first round.  That works for me as long as the team selecting him doesn't rhyme with Phitans.