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No Player Organized Practices Set for the Tennessee Titans

Terry McCormick writes this morning that Jason Jones told him the Titans players haven't scheduled any workouts in the case of a lockout:

I haven't heard from any of my teammates regarding any workouts yet.

Obviously this makes sense considering that the coaching staff is brand new so the players don't really know what scheme they will be running, but I would like to see them schedule some workouts just to keep tabs and make sure everyone *cough* Kenny Britt *cough* is doing what they need to do to keep in shape during the lockout. 

Hopefully the CBA gets worked out this week, but if it doesn't there is a good chance that the lockout drags through the summer.  If that is the case guys will have less time than they normally would to get in shape during team organized activities.  It seems like every year there are a couple of players that work themselves back into shape during training camp.  Guys may not have that luxury this year.

This is the time when it helps to have a veteran leader on the roster that can keep track of where everyone is.  Unfortunately I am not sure the Titans have a guy like that.