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2011 NFL Draft: Auburn and Arkansas Host Pro Day Workouts Today

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Today is a big day for teams like the Titans that are looking for a quarterback in the upcoming draft because both Auburn and Arkansas will be having their pro days today. It will be one of the last chances for teams to see Cam Newton and Ryan Mallett throw.

Matt Bowen of NFP has an article about what you can expect from those workouts, and it is a lot of the things that you already know.  All players typically perform better at their pro days, but quarterbacks get an even bigger boost.  They get to control what throws they make, and they get to throw to guys that they are very familiar working with.  There is also less pressure on them because of the comfort they have being on their own campus.

I heard yesterday that the NFL Network and ESPN3 are carrying Auburn's pro day live.  Watching a lot of that will be like watching grass grow, but I am very interested to see how Cam throws- hopefully well enough to get him off the board in the top 7.

I would expect the Titans to have people at both of these workouts to see the action live.