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MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite Baseball Player

I know a lot of you here are big baseball fans as well as football fans, thus tonight's discussion.  Who is your favorite baseball player?  Why are they your favorite player?

Ken Griffey Jr. has been my favorite player for as long as I can remember.  I played a lot of baseball growing up, and I always wanted to play the game the way he did.  He was so smooth in the outfield, especially in the 90s, and had the prettiest swing in baseball. 

It was tough for me to watch all of the injuries he suffered in Cincinnati that kept him from realizing his full potential, but he still had a great career.  He should make the Hall of Fame easily the first year he is eligible because he doesn't have the steroid cloud hanging over his head that most of the guys from his era do.

Let me know who your favorite player is in the comments.