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SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft Update

I will just be doing a daily update of the SB Nation Bloggers mock now since we have passed the Titans first round pick.  If the Titans do take someone other than a quarterback with their first pick, we will need to be hoping that a lot of teams pass on quarterbacks through the rest of the first round so that there is a lot of meat on the bone at #39.

The Cowboys have the 9th pick, and Dave Halprin of Blogging the Boys selects Tyron Smith, OT, USC.  Smith has been rapidly rising up draft boards for the last month.  It seems that every mock I have seen lately has the Cowboys taking him.

The Redskins have the 10th pick, and Kevin Ewoldt of Hogs Haven selects Robert Quinn, LB, North Carolina.  Quinn is part of the UNC group that had to sit out the whole 2010 season, and as Kevin says in the write-up, he probably wouldn't be on the board at #10 had he played.

The Texans have the 11th pick, and Tim McHale of Battle Red Blog selects Julio Jones, WR, Alabama.  Tim is right, the thought of Julio lining up opposite of Andre Johnson is scary, and I will throw up all over my living room if Julio ends up in Houston.

The Vikings have the 12th pick, and Christopher Gates of Daily Norseman selects J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin.  The Vikings are one of the teams that could target a quarterback, but that's not how Gates chose to go.  Here's to hoping the real Vikings don't either.