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NFP Mock Draft: The Tennessee Titans and Da'Quan Bowers

Wes Bunting of the National Football Post has the Titans drafting Clemson DE Da'Quan Bowers with the 8th pick.  There was a time when Bowers was widely regarded as the #1 pick.  Then there was a time where most people had the Titans taking Bowers.  Now most mocks have him falling past the Titans.  You have to love this time of year.

From Bunting:

Bowers is a prospect who hasn’t had much buzz going for him since the season. But, he’s a strong three-down player with a gifted skill set and still possesses a lot of upside to his game.

There is no doubt that Bowers is plenty talented to be a stud NFL defensive end. The only question surrounding him is the health of his knee. He says he is ready to go. We will find out a lot tomorrow when he holds his workouts for NFL teams. He will also head back to Indianapolis to get his knee checked again by the NFL doctors at some point in April.