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Kiper: Defensive Line and Quarterback Deepest Positions in Draft

When you step back and look at it the news in this offseason has been nothing but terrible for the Titans.  They face a roster with no quarterback besides Rusty Smith who was historically bad against a historically bad defense in his one start.  In most offseasons the Titans would have signed a veteran QB by this point who would already be working with Chris Palmer.  Speaking of Palmer, the Titans also have a brand new coaching staff that can't work with it's players because of the lockout.

But here is a sliver of good news- the Titans have a needs on the defensive line and at quarterback, and Mel Kiper said in his chat yesterday that those are the deepest positions in this draft:

Q: Deepest position in this year's draft?

A: DL overall. There are a lot of good DL in this draft. The DL without question is the deepest position. And I also think the QB position is pretty deep. It's the craziest group of QBs that I've evaluated this year. Newton came out of nowhere. Luck decided to go back when he would have been the No. 1 pick. The former No. 1 pick in Jake Locker, his stock fell dramatically. Ryan Mallet's stock fell from where it was. Dalton rises up. Then there's mixed opinion on the guys after that. McElroy. Kaepernick. Gabbert emerges as a guy that could go top 5. Weird year, but interesting year at QB.

This team can be back on the right track pretty quickly if Mike Reinfeldt can have another draft like last the one he pulled off last year.