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Jake Locker Shines At Pro Day

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Quarterbacks almost always look good at their pro day, and you should be really concerned if they don't. Jake Locker took full advantage of his pro day going for 38 for 40 on his pass attempts. Doug Farrar of Yahoo! has a really good breakdown of the event here.

Farrar makes the point that Locker is lucky in the sense that he is one of the best athletes in this quarterback class so he hasn't had to set aside time to work on improving his 40 time and things like that. He has been able to devote every minute of training to his fundamentals when it comes to throwing the football, and by pretty much every account from people in attendance yesterday, he has done a good job.

Locker has been working with Ken O'Brien in California to get ready for yesterday, and his individual workouts for teams like the one he has with the Titans today. Here is what Locker had to say about his time with O'Brien:

"Just focusing on fluidity in the drop," he said, when asked about the things he's been developing with O'Brien. "Getting my feet in the right spot, and one of the things I worked with Ken on was bringing my hand over the top as quickly as I could, rather than dragging my hand — I had a tendency to do that at times. When I bring my hand over the top, and really point that finger, I've been spinning the ball a lot better, and it's coming off my hand a lot better."

Rob Rang of said that Locker has helped himself considerably in this process because he has shown improvement each time he has thrown the ball:

"I think he helped himself considerably," opined Rob Rang of "It's not so much the one pro day — it's that he's shown significant improvement in every step of the process. That's the evidence teams are looking for that will cause them to believe that he could be the face of the franchise, and a starting quarterback in the NFL. Throughout his career at Washington, he was up and down, but he's made that progress, and that's what was so exciting about the progress he made today."

The reports say that Locker looked good on the short to intermediate throws which have haunted him in the past. I like everything about Locker except for the accuracy issues. If all he needs to do to correct those is workout on footwork and hand placement, I would be all about the Titans taking him in this draft. Again, that is something that Ruston Webster should be able to determine in the two days he is up there watching Locker.

There is a chance the Titans could be on the clock with Locker, Ryan Mallett and Andy Dalton all still on the board- granted not a likely scenario, but it could happen. If the the questions surrounding Locker's accuracy have been sufficiently answered, I would be all about them taking Locker. He has plenty of experience playing in college, he doesn't have any off the field questions, and he is the best athlete of the group. For me it would be a tough call between Locker and Dalton, but Locker gets the edge from me because of his athleticism.