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SB Nation Blogger Mock: The Tennessee Titans Pick

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No one hated making this pick more than me, but with the way this draft has played out so far I really didn't have a choice. With that being said, I selected Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn. There is a chance Fairley could end up being the best player in this draft. There is also the chance that he ends up being the biggest bust in this draft. There is no way I would take him if the Titans had the first overall pick, but at 8 I believe he has too much talent to pass up.

I also considered taking Da'Quan Bowers with the pick, but there are still some injury questions surrounding him and the Titans need a big DT more than they need a pass rusher at this point.

After the jump you can grade the pick and read scouting reports on Fairley.

NFP Scouting Report
Impression: A potentially downright dominant NFL defensive lineman who has the skill set and abilities to play just about anywhere and be effective if he wants it. There are some character concerns surrounding his on the field work ethic that need to be checked out. But he just doesn't have the same type of drive as last year's second overall pick, Ndamukong Suh.

MTD Scouting Report:

Final word: Fairley was unquestionably the breakthrough player in the 2010 college football season. No one expected him to tally 11.5 sacks and 24 tackles for loss as a junior. In his first full season starting, Fairley was a force on his way to the Lombardi Award.

The question some will have about Fairley is if he's a one-year wonder. As a redshirt sophomore in 2009. Fairley struggled with inconsistency and only had 28 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks. Prior to that, Fairley attended Copiah-Lincoln (Miss.) Community College. Considering that Fairley only played one year on the defensive line in high school, he's not exactly a seasoned tackle.

Still, he is a dangerous, gap-shooting defensive tackle. His attitude could transform a lackadaisical defense into a ferocious one. He's the kind of player rival teams will hate because of his sometimes-dirty play. Although Fairley doesn't apologize for the way he plays, it's unlikely he'll get away with the same tactics in the NFL.

What he'll be able to get away with is firing gaps and getting after the ball carrier. Fairley has uncanny quickness and will be a terror blitzing. Everyone is going to compare him to Suh, and that's not fair. Maybe a more-apt one for Fairley is Kevin Williams of the Vikings.