I was looking for your thoughts... Mock Draft at POD

Hello to all here in MCM.. I am a HUGE Lions fan. And over at SBNation's Pride of Detroit I was selected to represent the Titans in our community mock draft. This is the 1st year I've been selected to do this and since I live here in Memphis I figured this team would be my 1st choice and I got it :). I want to do a great job not only for me but for my brothers over here at MCM.
So here is my thoughts of what the Titans biggest needs are please let me know what you think and how accurate I am. In order here is my list:

1 QB- With Collins the only 1 left at 38 yrs old someone has got to replace him. Choices are Gabbert and Newton

2 DT- I know Jones needs a big body to play next to him and really plug the running lanes. so I was thinking Fairly and Dareus will fill this role nicely

3 DE- With Quinn and Bowers you are getting a stud at the DE position and would get a Morgan type player in back2back yrs

4 CB- Peterson and Prince either 1 of them would lock down the other side of the field

5 WR- Jones and Green, These 2 are studs and would really be able to open things up and give TN. A true #1 WR (sorry I just don't think Britt is a #1) I do think Britt will be a great #2 and by all means he needs help out there

Also there zero trading and zero FA signings... And this is a 2rd mock only
So I was wanting to get your opinions on who you would like and in IYO who/what is your biggest need in Titan land.

Please if you would let me know the needs by position as well as in order of how (if you agree with these guys) would like these guys to be picked. (i.e Peterson,Quinn,Cam) and I will take the Best player left to fill these needs. I don't like doing polls simply cause if everyone selects Peterson and he's not there then I will be stuck.

So please help me out guys, so I can do right by MCM and let me know! Thank you