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SB Nation Blogger Mock: The San Francisco 49ers Pick

This morning the San Francisco 49ers, represented by Fooch from Niners Nation, selected Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska. As Titans fans we will be jumping up and down on draft day if this is the way the 9ers go. Amukamara is a really good player, but he isn't a guy I see the Titans targeting with the 8th pick. That leaves Da'Quan Bowers and Nick Fairley on the board, and the Titans on the clock. The suspense builds....

Reasoning from Fooch after the jump.

....If Nick Fairley and Da'Quan Bowers are both still available, I could see the 49ers moving down.

However, if there is no trade, Prince Amukamara is the pick. He's not quite at Patrick Peterson's level, but Amukamara would bring a solid upgrade to a 49ers secondary that struggled mightily last season....

NFP Scouting Report:

Impression: A fluid, balanced corner who possesses only average deep speed, but looks like a guy capable of starting at a number of spots in an NFL secondary. However, I don't think he will ever be a real blue-chip corner.

MTD Scouting Report:

Only a two-year starter at Nebraska, he does not have the experience of other top cornerbacks in the class. However, Amukamara has more talent than those players. Although somewhat untested, he has gone up against top wide receivers in the Big 12 and is plenty battle tested.