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NFL and NFLPA Agree To 24 Hour Extension

Multiple sources are reporting that the owners and the players union have agreed to extend the deadline for a CBA agreement until midnight tomorrow. This is no done deal, but it should give NFL fans (and Titans fans especially) hope that the two sides are closing in on an agreement, thus averting a lockout.

There have been a lot of positive signs in the past few days, and despite constant skepticism from the media, the two sides could be pretty close to signing a deal. The fact that the mediator met with just the owners last night was a great sign. There's a very good possibility that the mediator and the owners had a come-to-jesus meeting about the more unrealistic demands they were bringing to the table. Apparently the players union has plenty of things it's been willing to compromise on (rookie salary scale, profit sharing, maybe even an 18 game season), but the owners have let some absurd claims come to light (like opening up by asking for $1 billion more off the top). If the mediator got through to the owners, then it could be a great development.

The other thing this says is both the NFL and the NFLPA see the end of the league year as a legitimate deadline. A big fear among many fans and media has been that neither side would start to feel any pain until the fall, which would lead to a whole summer of lawsuits, grandstanding and pissing contests. If they see the end of the league year as a significant date, they're more likely to make concessions to get a new CBA signed.

So, matter what happens, Titans fans need to be rooting for this deal to be done within the next few days. Doing so would stabilize the off-season time-line, allow the players to meet with their new coaches, follow any new training regiments Thorchak wants. Perhaps just as importantly though, it would mean we could move forward with trades and free agency... like say for a QB... right away.