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SB Nation Blogger Mock: The Cleveland Browns Pick

The Cleveland Browns represented by Chris Pokorny of Dawgs by Nature are next up in the SB Nation Blogger mock, and they selected Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama.  BOOO!  I am rooting very hard that Dareus falls to the Titans at 8, but I am a realist and know that probably isn't going to happen.  He probably won't even be around at #6 when the real draft happens.

Reasoning from Chris after the jump.

Dareus also feels like a more secure pick than Nick Fairley and Da'Quan Bowers given their character and injury issues, respectively. As far as defensive end goes, Cleveland can hope to find a stud in the later rounds or amongst some of their pass rushing linebackers from last year's 3-4 defense, including Marcus Benard and Matt Roth.

NFP scouting report:

Impression: Looks like a physical five-technique who has some upside to his game because of his high pad level as a pass rusher, but his weight issues could ultimately keep him from ever living up to his potential and keep from ever being much more than a very good run defender who eats up blocks inside.

MTD scouting report:

It's not often 3-4 defensive ends come along who are as polished, strong and athletic as Dareus. Playing end in Alabama's pro-style 3-4 defense, Dareus should start as a rookie if a team with the same scheme picks him up.

He's a good pass rusher for such a big player, but most teams will like him for his run-stopping ability. Dareus is powerful throughout his frame and should be able to hold the edge well.