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Shutdown Corner Mock Draft: Titans and Patrick Peterson

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Doug Farrar of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner put out a new mock draft yesterday, and he has the Titans taking LSU CB Patrick Peterson. It is a scenario that seems extremely unlikely to occur, but when you look at his mock pick by pick it does look like something that could happen. It is starting to look like, based on mock drafts that mean nothing, that the key to who the Titans get could be A.J. Green. Farrar has him going to the Bengals, but more and more mocks that I have seen lately have him falling out of the top 5. I would love for the Titans to take him, but they aren't going too, so it would be best if he would go before the Titans are on the board.

Farrar's explanation after the jump.

The only reason I have Peterson falling to eighth in this mock draft is the possibility that teams were looking at him as much for his return ability — if that's the case, Peterson could be affected by the league's new kickoff rules affecting return possibilities. But as a pure cornerback, there's no question that Peterson is the best at his position, and quite possibly the best player in this draft class. The Titans are another team trying to redefine after losing a highly-tenured coach, and having Peterson in the fold could give the Titans a leg up in what is becoming a more important position every year in this new passing league.

As I said last night, Peterson is a guy that you can plug in count on him being a cornerstone of your defense for a decade. It sure would be nice to have him in the two-toned blue.