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SB Nation Blogger Mock: The Denver Broncos Pick

The Denver Broncos hold the second pick in the NFL draft, and John Bena of Mile High Report selected Texas A&M LB Von Miller. Linebacker is the biggest need for the Titans outside of quarterback, and Von Miller is the only linebacker in this draft that is worthy of a top 8 pick. I know there is no shot that he falls to the Titans, but I can dream, right?

This is the first draft that I have seen Miller going to the Broncos. I like the reasoning that Bena gave for the pick:
Linebacker is another huge position of need for the Broncos, and a position synonymous with Broncos football. I wanted the Broncos to get Rolando McClain in 2010, but the Raiders were able to grab him first. This year, the Broncos can get that impact linebacker and should take advantage of the opportunity. Miller would instantly inject athleticism onto a team that needs it, and with the Broncos going back to the 4-3 defense, they have need at the position.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?