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SB Nation Blogger Mock Draft Kicks Off

This morning the SB Nation blogger mock draft has kicked off over at Mocking the Draft.  Each weekday through the month of April the guys over at MTD will be posting three picks.  The Titans pick, which I have already made, will be posted on Wednesday.  I will be giving my take on each pick as we go along from a Titans perspective.

This morning started with the Jaxon of Cat Scratch Reader selecting Blaine Gabbert for the Carolina Panthers.

I have said it before, but the best case scenario for the Titans is for both quarterbacks, Gabbert and Cam Newton, to be off the board before the Titans pick.  For one, it means the Titans won't be selecting a questionable quarterback with the 8th overall pick.  Second, it means that the stud defensive players in this draft stay around a little bit longer.

In a way, you have to feel sorry for the Panthers.  They took Jimmy Clausen last year in the 2nd round, Andrew Luck went back to college, and now they spend the first pick overall on a quarterback that wasn't even good in college.  Things are bad for us, but they could be worse.