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McClain: Nick Fairley to Visit the Tennessee Titans

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, who is very high on Auburn DT Nick Fairley, reported today that Fairley has a visit scheduled with the Titans:

Fairley has eight visits lined up with teams picking in the top 10 of the first round. Only Dallas and Arizona haven't lined up a visit.

It seems like each week more and more of the mock drafts around the internet are projecting Fairley falling to the Titans with the 8th pick. There is no doubt he has the ability to be a star in the NFL, but there are other questions that are surrounding him like his work ethic. That will obviously be one of the things the Titans will ask him about in their visit.

The other question about Fairley is that he has only done it for one year, but as McClain says, that isn't something that he can really help:

There's nothing he can do about being a one-year wonder in college. Scouts worry about that. Sometimes a player plays hard his last year of college because he's preparing for the big bucks. Sometimes, like Fairley, they start in junior college, have one great year and then enter the draft as an underclassman.

No doubt that those questions would be answered if he stayed in school, but he really couldn't do anything but hurt his stock by staying in school. The Titans will end up with one of the steals of the draft if Fairley is still on teh board and he plays to his potential.