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Caplan: Most Teams Don't Have First Round Grade on Jake Locker

Adam Caplan of Fox Sports said in his chat on Friday that most teams don't have a first round grade on QB Jake Locker:

He looks the part with athleticism and arm strength, but his accuracy is a major problem and the reason why most teams don't have a first-round grade for him. However, it only takes one team to draft him in the first, not 32, so I wouldn't rule him out going that high.

I'll be honest, there is nothing that scares me more than that description of a quarterback. Athleticism is important for a quarterback, but accuracy is exponentially more important. It is hard to see Locker developing into an accurate passer if he hasn't to this point. There are some things that coaches can do with footwork and stuff like that to help a guy get a little better, but for the most part accuracy is something you either have or you don't- and without if you don't have it you can't be a successful NFL quarterback.