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Christian Ponder: Worth A First Round Pick

I'm sold. The more I see on Christian Ponder, the more I think that the Titans will need to go for him in the first round. While it's pretty evident that he's not worth a top-10 pick, I doubt he makes it past the Dolphins or Jaguars at 15 and 16, there's just too much there for them to pass up a hometown hero at a position of need. He's not quite the superstar Tebow was, but I think that he projects as a better pro-prospect.

I've become convinced that the arm troubles that supposedly plagued Ponder during his senior year are overblown as most arm "issues" are when it comes to dissecting quarterbacks. He looked strong armed and able at both his pro day over at FSU and at the combine. While it's not the same as throwing in an actual game (obviously), his performance has more or less squashed much of the concern that I had when it came to the potential danger that lay with having a QB with arm problems.

Given the choice between Dalton and Ponder right now, it's a tough call but I think I'm sticking with Ponder. When it comes to an NFL comparison, I see a slightly weaker-armed version of Aaron Rodgers. Remember that just eleven months ago, Ponder was regarded as a top NFL prospect easily worth a first round pick. He's got outstanding short-to-intermediate accuracy, intelligence, and plenty of deceptive mobility that allow him to fit seamlessly into a west coast offense somewhere. Hopefully here.

What I really love about him is his intelligence. On a lot of his clips, you see him at the line of scrimmage doing a lot of moving and talking, not unlike Brees, Manning, or Brady. I'm not the only one either. His smarts have been the center of a lot of praise lately. Don't just take it from me though, from the man himself:

"Intelligence is a huge advantage for me, being able to comprehend offenses and defenses. We ran a complex offense at Florida State and I think it will carry over well to the NFL."

Count me in as a part of Ponder bandwagon. I've been on the fence for awhile about which QB I'd rather have, but I'm officially riding this thing all the way to draft day. With that being said, I challenge the rest of you to pick a side. Team Dalton or Team Ponder?