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MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite Item of Memorabilia

This is a pretty cool topic that was suggested by gramsey.  I am sure a lot of you collect some type of sports memorabilia.  What is your favorite item in your collection?

Mine would have to be the signed Ken Griffey Jr. hat that he wore on opening day in 2004 that my wife gave me before we got married.  It is from when Junior was with the Reds, and they played the Cubs on Opening Day that year in Cincinnati.  I was at the game, which makes it even better.  The hat features the official MLB 2004 Opening Day logo. 

I also have some Starting Lineups that are really cool, but I am not sure those really count as memorabilia.

So let me know your favorite.  You can also feel free to post any pictures you have of your items.  Gramsey will be along soon to tell us all about his shrine to Chipper Jones.