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Tennessee Titans Receive Two Compensatory Picks

The NFL announced compensatory picks yesterday, and the Titans were awarded an extra fourth round pick and an extra seventh round pick.  They received these picks because they lost of Alge Crumpler to the Patriots and Kyle Vanden Bosch to the Lions. The Titans now have a 1st round pick (8th overall), a 2nd round pick (39th overall), 3rd round pick (77th overall) two 4th round picks (109th and 130th overall), a 5th round pick (142nd overall), 6th round pick (175th overall) and two 7th picks (212th and 250th overall).

From the linked article:

The number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents up to a maximum of four. The 32 compensatory choices announced today will supplement the 221 choices in the seven rounds of the 2011 NFL Draft.

This year, the compensatory picks will be positioned within the third through seventh rounds based on the value of the compensatory free agents lost.

Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors. The formula was developed by the NFL Management Council. Not every free agent lost or signed by a club is covered by this formula.

Every extra pick helps. The Titans were awarded the second highest pick behind the third rounder that Carolina received, which I assume that was based on the lost of Julius Peppers.

(h/t to rothbard for posting this fanshot last night)