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Dilfer: Andy Dalton Has A Lot of Aaron Rodgers In Him

Trent Dilfer to Seattle ESPN Radio affiliate: "I can't tell you how much Aaron Rodgers I see in (TCU quarterback) Andy Dalton."less than a minute ago via web

Hal, who alerted me to this had a great quote that sums up my thoughts exactly:

i really wish someone else had said it, because i like dalton

The only member of the media I hate more than Dilfer is Brian Billick.

Dalton has become a favorite of a lot of us here on the site, but I think putting him in the same league as Rodgers is a bit premature.  Dalton has all of the intangibles that you want in a quarterback, but Aaron Rodgers is one of if not the best quarterback in the game right now.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.