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2011 NFL Draft: Mayock Says the Titans Could Move Up in Late First Round

Here is another question from Mike Mayock's chat today at that has some interest to us:

Q: Mike do you honestly think Tennessee will not use the 8th pick for a QB? This team has NO QB right now. The rookie Rusty is all we have. Kerry Collins is a free agent who has seen his best years behind him, and the teams already announced their getting rid of Vince Young, so it amazes me that no one on their mock drafts has the Titans selecting a QB.Why not start fresh with a new QB and coach and try to build some kind of chemistry together?


A: It's a good question. The problem is that at No. 8 there's a good chance that Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert are off the board. At that point, do you risk a Top 10 pick on Ryan Mallett or Jake Locker, both of whom have significant questions that must be answered. If you don't believe in those two kids, then how do the Titans feel about Ponder, Dalton, Stanzi and Kaepernick? If they value one of those guys, or if Mallett are available at the end of the first round, it wouldn't surprise me to see Tennessee move to get a QB between 24 and 32.

Personally I hate that idea. The Titans have too many needs to be moving back into the first round. There will still be a QB at #39 with good potential. Think about it this way, would you trade a first or second round pick for Ryan Mallett? I know I wouldn't.