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What the Lockout Means for Rookies

Roger Goodell announced earlier this week that clubs will not be able to give playbooks to the players they draft in a few weeks.  Matt Bowen of National Football Post wrote an article this morning about what that will mean for these rookies.  It is a good read.  All of those reasons are magnified even more when you talk about a rookie quarterback, which is something the Titans will have on their roster.

Basically this lockout couldn't have come at a more terrible time for the Titans.  Not only will they be trying to groom a rookie quarterback, but they are also operating with a new head coach and two new coordinators.  I know a lot of the players hate the OTAs and training camp, but that time would be invaluable for the Titans this year.  It does not bode well for a team trying to rebuild that they may only have a couple of weeks to do so.

However, truth be told, I bet there has been some dialogue between some of the players on the roster and the new coaches.  They would never admit to that publicly, but this the NFL we are talking about.  Teams are always looking for a way to get a competitive advantage.  I don't see this staff sitting on their hands waiting for the lockout to end- or maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part....