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New Mel Kiper Big Board

Mel Kiper put on a new version of his big board (In$ider), and it looks remarkably the same as the one he put out last week. The only real mover on this week's board is USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith. He moved from 17th on last week's board to 12th on this weeks.

Something that is interesting on his board though is the spot of Temple DT Muhammad Wilkerson. Kiper has him as the 10th best overall prospect, and I have seen a couple of different places where Kiper said that he wouldn't be surprised to see the Titans pull the trigger on him at 8.

Wilkerson is not very well known because he didn't come from one of the big schools like the other guys in the top 10 did. In fact, he is so unknown that he last until the 53rd pick in the MCM mock draft. My guess is that he goes somewhere between 8 and 53 in the real draft.

Fun exercise in the comments: Your reaction if the Titans draft Wilkerson would be ______.