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NFL Rule Changes

The NFL owners today approved a few rule changes that will take effect whenever the 2011 season kicks off.  Kickoffs will now be moved up to the 35-yard line.  The idea behind this rule is to reduce the amount of injuries that happen on kickoff returns by increasing the amount of touchbacks.  I am all about player safety, but I hate this rule change.  The kickoff return is one of the most exciting plays in a football game.  Now we won't get to see more than a handful of actual returns in a season because most kickers will simply kick the ball through the end zone.

They had talked about moving the ball up to the 25 on touchbacks but decided to keep it at the 20.

Another change is that all scoring plays will be reviewed in the booth. 

My favorite of all the new rules is that all NFL playing surfaces must must be a league-approved shade of green.  I guess the NFL is worried that some team is going to want to put in a blue field like the one at Boise St.