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A Friendly Nashville Rivalry: The Titans vs. The Predators

Do the Titans suck? The Titans suck. Glad we agree. Vote Preds: than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So smash pointed me to this lovely tweet this morning from one of the writers over at On the Forecheck. Sure the Titans have had issues the last few years, but the poll in that link is for favorite brand between the Titans and the Predators. Right now the Predators have a huge lead in the voting. We need to do something about that. (Head over there and vote now)

The Predators are something nice to distract people during the football offseason, but let's get for real, if you are talking about the more popular brand when it comes to Nashville it is the Titans without question.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • The Titans have sold out every game that has ever been played in Nashville. The Predators sell out some weekend games.
  • The Music City Miracle. I can't remember- was that a hockey play?
  • Football is just a better sport than hockey. That isn't the Predators fault. It is just a fact.
  • Even smash, lover of hockey, says that the Titans are better.
  • Late addition: The Titans have never acquired a player in hopes that the chance of his wife being at the game might boost attendance.

There are a million more reasons, but these four five should be enough to inspire you to vote for the Titans.