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Titans RB Chris Johnson Candidate for Madden 2012 Cover

EA Sports and ESPN is allowing fans to choose the Madden 2012 cover athlete, in a March Madness bracket style. There's a nominee from every team, and Chris Johnson is the Titans' representative. CJ is running as an 11 seed against Andre Johnson in the first round. 

Vote your heart out.

[Counterpoint from Jimmy]- I think as Titans fans we should get behind a campaign to get Andre Johnson on the cover of Madden.  The Madden curse is real.  There is no doubt about that.  Do we really want CJ on the cover so that he can have a terrible season?  I know I don't.

On the flip side, nothing would be better than watching Andre Johnson suffer through a cursed year.  Now I am not wishing an injury on him, but maybe a year where he catches a case of the dropsies that haunts him the whole season.  That would be win, win, win for Titans fans.  Just something to think about.