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UPDATED: Titans Offer Second Round Tender to Leroy Harris

#Titans have tendered an offer to potential RFA G Leroy Harris at a second-round level.less than a minute ago via web

John Glennon is reporting that the Titans have offered a 2nd round tender to guard Leroy Harris.  Hopefully they have also offered him some classes on how to effectively play guard in the NFL. 

This is the first we have seen of the Titans working on any of the guys that could be headed to free agency.  Harris played center well a few years ago when he filled in for Kevin Mawae, minus the whole shotgun snapping thing, but that seemed to set him up to be a good guard.  Unfortunately that wasn't the case in 2010 when  he combined with Eugene Amano to be terrible on the interior line.

It will be interesting to see if the Titans make any other moves between now and midnight eastern tomorrow when the CBA expires.

[UPDATE]- The Titans have now tendered a total of 7 players.  They are Patrick Bailey, Jacob Ford, Ahmard Hall, Stephen Tulloch, Tim Shaw, Mike Otto and Harris.

Kuharksy adds this- "If free agency rules return to "normal," Ford, Hall, Harris and Tulloch will be unrestricted and these tenders won't matter. "  That means that if the unrestricted free agency year is dropped back to four instead of five like it was last  year.

[UPDATE #2]- From Glennon: Tulloch tendered at 1st-round level, Ford and Harris at second-round level, and other 4 potential RFAs at original round level.