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March Madness Saturday Open Thread: How is Your Bracket?

There have already been a lot of really good games and some big upsets.  I expect to see more of that again today.  I am always a little bit sad when the first weekend of the tournament is over because that is usually when the most fun things of the tournament happen.  By the time you get to the second weekend of the tournament their are very few underdogs still hanging around.

How is your bracket holding up?  In the official MCM group, madhjsp is leading the way.  He correctly picked 28 of the 32 games.  AZ Titan is in a close second with 27.  I am a good ways behind with 23.

Use this thread to discuss the games that are on today.  Also, have you liked the way the TV coverage of the tournament has been this year?  It has been pretty cool that every single game is on TV this year where in the past you were at the mercy of the CBS affiliate in your area for what games you were able to watch.