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2011 NFL Draft Prospects Wonderlic Scores

WX_Man posted a link in the Blaine Gabbert pro day post from yesterday about how some of the top prospects did on the Wonderlic at the combine.  It turns out that the two top receivers in the draft didn't do so well- A.J. Green scored a 10 and Julio Jones scored a 15.  Nolan Nawrocki who wrote the article talked with an NFL evaluator, whatever that means, who said that Green and Julio will never reach their full potential.  I think that guy is an idiot.

Florida offensive tackle took home the Vince Young award by scoring a 6, the lowest of anyone who took the test.  Here are some of the top end scores:

Alabama QB Greg McElroy registered the top score, correctly answering 43 of the 49 questions he attempted. He was followed by Boston College OT Anthony Castonzo(41), Baylor OG Danny Watkins (40), Wisconsin QB Scott Tolzien (38), Idaho QB Nathan Enderle(38), Central Michigan ILB Nick Bellore (36), Portland State TE Julius Thomas (35), Florida State QB Christian Ponder(35), Michigan OG Steve Schilling (35) and Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara (35).
I don't really care how guys that aren't quarterbacks score on the test.  I get that it evaluates their ability to process information in a short period of time, but guy like Julio and Green who have been playing football all their lives are much smarter on the football field than they are when someone asks them to solve a problem about when two trains will meet given their respective speeds.