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Blaine Gabbert's Pro Day

Blaine Gabbert was impressive at his pro day yesterday, but you shouldn't really be surprised by that. Here is what the Associated Press had to say about Gabbert's scripted workout:

Gabbert completed 44-of-49 throws in a scripted sequence laid out in advance by private quarterbacks coach Terry Shea. The script included hitch passes, fades, deep outs, five- and seven-step drops, rollouts to his left side and more - with a makeshift cast of four small-college, draft eligible receivers whom Gabbert had to rely on thanks to restrictions under the NFL lockout.

There is starting to be some noise that Gabbert is going to be the first player picked in April's draft. Again, like SuperHorn, I just don't get the hype. The kid put up mediocre numbers in an offense that was designed for a quarterback to put up ridiculous numbers, see Daniel, Chase.

The good news is that he is going to be off the board when the Titans pick so we won't have to worry about him being a bust in Nashville.