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Brady vs. the NFL: What Does it Mean?

Andrew Brandt of National Football Post wrote an article this morning breaking down exactly what the lawsuit the NFL players have filed against the league means.  It is a really good read that breaks everything down into pretty simple terms.  There is going to be a lot of stuff written about this over the coming months, but you really need to go read this one so that you can understand what is going on right now.

The next big date coming up for the labor issues is April 6th.  That is the day this case is scheduled for a Preliminary Injunction hearing.  Those are fancy words that means the players are going to ask the court to more or less put the lockout on hold.  If they are granted their request then the rules of 2010 will be imposed.  Of course the owners will appeal the decision and it will be a long time before anything is official.

As I said yesterday, this thing is going to extend through the summer.  We (SB Nation bloggers) had a conference call with DeMaurice Smith this morning.  I will post some excerpts from that later today, but it lead me to believe that these sides aren't anywhere close to a deal (which is AWESOME!).