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SB Nation Blogger Conference Call with Roger Goodell

Today the SB Nation powers that be were able to get us a conference call with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  We were on the call with him for about 30 minutes, and he answered quite a few questions about the labor situation, as well as some other issues facing different teams. 

Click through the jump for Goodell's answer about why the owners don't feel like they need to open the books.

How can you expect fans to believe the financial model is broken if you won’t open the books?

To your point, the NFL brand is extremely popular and you’ve seen the ratings numbers. All of that is because the owners and players have worked together to try to create not only a business model but a quality product that everyone can enjoy. And they have derived benefits from many different directions. You don’t rest on your laurels for one. Two is you have to make sure you are looking towards future and not at the past. And seizing opportunities to make sure you have the right business model for the period of time and the challenges that you are facing. And the league is no different than any other business. Our consumers and fans are impacted by what’s going on in the economy. We have challenges getting people into the stadiums. It’s costing more money to build those stadiums, maintain those stadiums, operate those stadiums. It’s costing more money to get those fans into the stadium, and quite frankly we’re very concerned about what the cost of attending our events is. It cannot continue to escalate at the rates it has. We have to be responsible in recognizing that we have to not only put out a great product but also create great value for our fans. That’s what we’re trying to address here, not only in our collective bargaining but also in our operations.
I was hoping listening to Goodell today would make me feel better about this lockout, but it didn't.  I really think this thing is going to extend into August.