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Shutdown Corner Has the Titans Taking Nick Fairley

Doug Farrar of Yahoo's Shutdown Corner came out with another mock draft today, and he has the Titans taking Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley.  Every year there is one guy that opens the draft season as a can't miss prospect, but then starts to take hits for a variety of reasons as we move into March and April.  This year Fairley is that guy.  Farrar's explanation of the pick is pretty concerning:

Fairley's another X-factor player with a great deal to consider. It's doubtful that he'll slip out of the top 10 because his skill as a pass-rushing tackle is so valuable, but there are red flags about everything from his dirty play on the field, to his conditioning, to his status as a "one-year wonder". The Titans are used to getting results out of mercurial tackles with their own agendas (hello, Mr. Haynesworth); perhaps Fairley can out-produce whatever headaches he provides.
Anyone who is paying attention to what has gone on with the Titans this offseason knows that the example of Albert Haynesworth's production with the Titans is no longer relevant.  Jim Washburn isn't walking through that door.

Now the one thing that would make me feel better if Fairley is the pick here is that the guy that got him to produce in college, Tracy Rocker, would be his coach here.  There is no reason to believe he wouldn't be able to get the best out of him here as well.